Call Center

ProIDS offers two solutions in Call Center domain.

Next Generation WebIVR

  • ProIDS NG WebIVR provides a completely new, intuitive web-based communication channel for reaching the appropriate call center agent in seconds.
  • Extends capabilities of traditional call centers by enabling a free web-based communication channel, directly in the browser.
  • Allows the customer to pre-select the conversation topic by visually navigating through the menu tree of conversation topics on the Web.
  • Gives advanced capabilities such as passing additional free text information typed-in by customers as well as seamless authentication of the customer and extraction of customer data available directly to the call center agent.


  • ProIDS Click-to-Call is a simple yet effective solution which enables your customers visiting your website to make a free call to reach directly your company.
  • This solution is ideal for medium and small businesses which do not want to invest in call center infrastructure.
  • Easy integration with any web site – incoming calls are answered in the browser.

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    After long time of being a part of huge multinational corporation in IT industry we detach ourselves and started ProIDS. And we took our skills, experience and customers’ trust with us. That’s why we like to say we did not come out of nowhere – we came out of shadow. And where are we heading now? Same direction as IT world. And we keep pace with it.

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