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Software Development

Java, mobile and web technologies expertise. With holistic approach to requirements determining methodologies, purpose determining design, unravelled quality through proven QA processes. You receive modern, interactive, responsive product on time and within costs. We learned software development efficiency in Telco domain, where performance and real-time really matters. More

Testing and Quality Assurance

We believe that thorough testing is essential for any vital system of Your business. Forget weekly manual work - automation makes testing faster and easier, Your system can be verified for impact of any fix or extension within hours. All included in Test Automation Framework (TAF). Besides, TAF can be coupled with Platform Monitoring Framework (PMF), providing real-time statistics of served traffic, hardware status and capacity usage. One cannot hope for more. More

Systems Integration

Years of experience in delivering comprehensive professional services for the biggest ones. We know SIP, Diameter and SS7 signaling. Our experience was gained in inetgration of many NGIN, VAS and IMS systems from many Vendors. We configure complex IP Networks, also for Telco usage and optimize Telco systems end-to-end. Our PMs are always organized and on top of things. More

Consulting and Audits

As a result of many years of experience in delivering complex, end-to-end Value Added Services (VAS) and Service Delivery Platform (SDP) solutions in Telco we offer Solution audits, technology assessment and architecture consulting, in the area of Intelligent Networks and Next Generation IN – Convergent Applications, VAS solutions, SDP, IMS and service brokers. More


Support is the heart of the systems operations, and it is our key area of interest. With proven processes and efficient tools our 24x7 support organization provides Telco-grade SLA for crucial systems for Tier 1 Telco service providers. We also offer end-to-end support of complex Solutions from different parties, providing our Customers with Single Point of Contact. Our strong part is support of different legacy / end of support systems. More

Software Quality Validation

SQV - a process of assuring, that Your telco Solutions & software (and other industry's SW as well) will follow the same, agreed quality standars, based on defined KPIs. With this service You can use multiple cheap SW vendors, and still have the same SW quality. Proven and high quality. We check SW design, architecture, capacity & performance, and consistency with existing Solutions and Databases. No need to fear the highest telco-grade SLA anymore. More

Cloud and Virtualization

Systems in the Cloud are the future of telecommunication. We strongly promote this direction, helping our Customers to do the first step, or to accompany them in the steps they have already taken. We migrate existing and legacy systems to the Cloud, both production and test. More

Database Migration

Do you want to have an efficient & cheap solution instead of existing, costly database? It never was so simple. We migrate real-time, telco-grade Solutions' databases to opensource MySQL. Our experts will optimize the Solution and propose best approach, with performance & capacity reports certifying the efficiency. More


First there was Telecommunication. Then came the Cloud. Next - IoT followed. Call Center solutions are the last ones for now.   We are ready to develop Solution for your problems as well.

Call Center

Call Center

Visual WebIVR - web extension of existing IVR systems Click-to-Call - webRTC-based communication system from web pages Visual IT HelpDesk - decission tree graphical extension to make the connection with IT HelpDesk easier for Customers More



Domokom suite HomeByNet - Internet of Things universal platform for interconnecting existing Home-IoT systems from different vendors into one system, with one user interface and one subscription More



VAS Platform IN, VAS & IMS Applications TestBeds in the Cloud Platform Monitoring Framework (PMF) Test Automation Framework (TAF) Service Creation Environment (SCE) More

Telco Cloud

Telco Cloud

VAS Platform in the Cloud and Testbeds in the Cloud More


ProIDS at TADSummit 2016

TADSummit 2016 - the conference dedicated to innovation and application development for Telecom world - took place in beautiful Lisbon. Irek and Dominik from ProIDS participated in this very interesting conference. We met many friends, made new acquaintances and...

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Unifonic visit in Warsaw

On November 11, 2016, Mahmoud Al-Sharif and Yazan Al Masa'fah from Unifonic visited our office in Warsaw. Mahmoud is an CEO, and Yazan is Marketing and Products Director of a Jordanian-based Mobile Virtual Network Operator, Unifonic. This is a cloud-oriented MVNO...

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ProIDS on the Fair Labor WEiTI

ProIDS has it's stand on XVIII Labor and Practices Fair WEiTI, which took place on 17-19th October at Warsaw University of Technology. Our representation was Grzesiek and Bartek that were talking with the students telling what we do at our company, presenting...

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IN Services

Code Lines

Automated Tests

ProIDS delivered services of extraordinary quality and on time. Communication with their team was more than pleasurable. We are indescribably happy we had the opportunity to be their customer.

The solution was implemented very quickly and the support services are very effective and delivered in highly professional way.
We would like to express our gratefulness for creating such a sophisticated system that was perfectly suited to our needs.
We hope for further cooperation as ProIDS again proved to be trustworthy and classy in the way they make business.


  • ProIDS registered
  • first contract with big telco vendor signed
  • 6 permanent employees
  • 5 years (SDF-based NGIN subcontracting) support contract with major telco vendor signed
  • another major support contract signed
  • two major delivery/integration project delivered
  • several code guides/validation projects
  • 12 permanent employees
  • partnership with Telestax
  • Research & Development collaboration agreement with UTP University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz
Dominik Miodunka
Chief Technology Officer
Dominik Miodunka

Dominik takes care of a wide range of technology related matters as ProIDS CTO. He spent many years in corporations designing and managing delivery of large scale Telco solutions. Always fond of elegant architecture, does his best to find practical solutions for complex problems. Although since many years his professional career is tied with Warsaw, his heart stayed in his home city – Cracow, so he divides his time between both. Since many years he practices various flavors of Tai Chi which helps him to stay calm under pressure. In free time he also enjoys jogging on forest paths, as well as biking and hiking in the mountains with his family.

Ireneusz Nowak
Chief Executive Officer
Ireneusz Nowak

Irek is the company director but he is still not used to this title. Managing? He likes to take it easy – here it’s all about trust and tasks and responsibility delegation. After years spent in a giant corporation Irek is allergic to hierarchical structures, weird settlements and tall glass buildings. Privately? Proud to be the father of two students. Music (and high quality sound) fan. Likes to juggle, cycle and solve IQ Tests. Claims that jogging on the seashore is the best way to relax.

Dominik Błacha
Senior Software Developer
Dominik Błacha

My story with coding… I started in the 8-bit times. I elaborated all available computers – at that time you could find them only in “Pewex” chain. Than came amazing 16-bit Amigas – I liked to bring sounds out of them. I continued my obvious passion on University of Warsaw studying Physics and Astronomy. I managed to skip the miserable era od DOS and from day one of my studies I was working on UNIX. I mainly code backend systems. I like working on solutions that require a fair bit of optimizing work. Privately I am father of two siblings of which a part is already a grown-up. I still make music on weird and unusual instruments. Apart from that – cinema, theatre, books – that’s sport for me.

Grzegorz Figiel
Head of Software Delivery
Grzegorz Figiel

Although he is now an accredited Data Communications & Telecommunications Management MSc he got his first mobile phone not until being a second year student. He approaches challenges like a dentist – drills problems to the roots. Over ten years of professional work Grzegorz performed his precise thretements mainly on (NG)IN systems and cooperating ones (from GSM core to SIP terminals). Proud to come from Świętokrzyskie Mountains (and loves other mountain ranges almost as much) thus he lately works on higher level tasks. In Polish his surname means a prank what describes well his and his little kids nature.

Marek Pisarski
Support Services Manager
Marek Pisarski

Support engineer and tester. Truly believes in human approach to customers’ problems. If he wasn’t a human he would be the “Help” button. No matter the topic Marek is the advocate of proactive approach. He believes in “never give up” principle. At home he has two kids romping around. He likes good stuff: good music, good food, good beer and good company. He feels good in the bosom of nature – cycling or gazing at the stars.

Jacek Stromecki
Front-end Developer
Jacek Stromecki

After several years experience in creating CMS based websites here comes the time to develop his skills. Jacek now gathers experience in JavaScript coding but as autodidact he never avoids other technologies. He loves to spend his time mountain biking or listening to music. Especially the one that combines strong electro sounds with jazz instruments.

Jarosław Szangin
Senior Test Engineer
Jarosław Szangin

Test engineer. Applies holistic approach when realizing projects. In case of testing tools shortage – he makes them himself (JavaScript, golang, ruby). Jarek very highly values his privacy. He believes that true education is a never ending process. His interests circle around new technologies and social changes accompanying them.

Maciej Nowakowski
Regional Director MEA
Maciej Nowakowski

Proven Technology Leader with 15+ years of management experience in various international professional services business roles. Strong in complex large scale HA systems engineering, sales support, delivery, risk management, staff management & growth. Trusted business partner with substantial impact on team success and achievements. Brings excellent results that exceed corporate expectations in a very challenging complex environment.

Artur Wieloch
Senior Systems Engineer
Artur Wieloch

Systems engineer with many years of experience in Telecommunication environment. Knows very well that only work in a good team is the key to success.
Specializes in Unix-based operating systems and databases. Likes coding in various languages, such as Java, Javascript, SQL and constantly looks for ways to improve his programming skills.
Always open to new challenges.

Hubert Zęgota
Solution Architect
Hubert Zęgota

Systems and solutions architect. Open to new challenges and technologies. He accepts challenges according to the principle that impossible is nothing. The bigger they are, the greater the satisfaction. Hubert adores high quality sound, at home or in his sports car, and travels of any length. After hours he’s an amateur photographer.

Tomasz Zieleniewski
Solutions & Software Architect
Tomasz Zieleniewski

A computer science engineer with masters degree in JAIN SLEE and strong knowledge of all aspects of ICT. Privately his passion is calisthenics progressive, agriculture and everything related to the healthy life style.

Bartosz Krok
Software Developer
Bartosz Krok

Develops various kind of back-end and front-end software. Especially Telco applications.

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Test Specialist

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After long time of being a part of huge multinational corporation in IT industry we detach ourselves and started ProIDS. And we took our skills, experience and customers’ trust with us. That’s why we like to say we did not come out of nowhere – we came out of shadow. And where are we heading now? Same direction as IT world. And we keep pace with it.

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