Cloud and Virtualization

ProIDS offers a wide range of cloud and virtualization related services. We believe that cloud systems are the future of technology. At the same time, due to massive scale, cloud based solutions raise up demand for automation, service orchestration and administration.

Integration, operation and maintenance of a single system, is not an option anymore. There is need for automation, fully repeatable procedures, orchestration and monitoring of huge amounts of servers and services. Moreover, automatic propagation, clustering, balancing became the must-have features in order to keep the services running and stable.

 With cloud solutions we help you to address challenges such as:

  • Limited scalability possibilities — your system has to handle big performance peaks, but mostly it consumes small amount of your current resources.
  • Many different environments — you have to maintain various environments, to be able to handle many projects, which results in ineffective hardware utilization.
  • Technology overhead — to run your business you must operate many IT systems which do not drive revenue but are mainly a cost for your organization.
  • Maintenance costs — growing number of IT systems in your infrastructure comes with increasing costs. Hardware failures and periodical replacement of end-of-live servers incurs unnecessary spending.

Our services helping to tackle the above are:


We are able to build from scratch cloud environment, that your company can use in order to deploy services.


We will migrate your current services to the cloud. We make software modification to meet cloud constraints, also we provide automation mechanisms to simplify maintenance of the new cloud based services and its components.


We deliver you the support service for your cloud environment. Also we can support you on application and platform level, that are running on the cloud environment.

We have experience with following cloud and virtualization related technologies:

  • Amazon AWS
  • OpenStack
  • KVM
  • Docker
  • Puppet
  • Chef
  • Canonical Juju
  • Canonical LXD
  • Load-balancing
  • Heroku PaaS
  • VMWare

We can support you in every step of Cloud transition.

Beginning with analysis and consultancy, though software adaptation, preparation of required automation, up to deployment in the cloud. If you want to go with private cloud approach — we can build one from scratch for you. During service lifetime we will support both cloud mechanisms that maintain it and applications themselves.

In summary — we provide you a full solution in every step of your Cloud process.

About us

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After long time of being a part of huge multinational corporation in IT industry we detach ourselves and started ProIDS. And we took our skills, experience and customers’ trust with us. That’s why we like to say we did not come out of nowhere – we came out of shadow. And where are we heading now? Same direction as IT world. And we keep pace with it.

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